Franklin's Focus on 5 Areas of Educational Excellence

  1. Dropout Prevention
  2. Increasing Graduation Rates
  3. Narrowing the Achievement Gap
  4. Creating Safe Schools
  5. Improving School Leadership and
    School Culture

Franklin's Thoughts

Understanding The Causes of Youth Suicide

This is part one of a series on the causes and prevention of teenage suicide. Part II will appear next week, Tuesday, September 17,... 

September 9, 2019 | Read more »

Preventing School Violence

No one can predict when or where school violence will take place, but we know it will. For those of you who are concerned with school... 

August 29, 2019 | Read more »

National Dropout Prevention Conference – October 5-8, Denver CO

I will be delivering two workshops at the National Dropout Prevention’s National Conference to be held at the Gaylord Resort... 

August 28, 2019 | Read more »

Cell Use Contracts Reduce Bullying

The beginning of the school year brings lots of new things – new clothes, new friends, new schools to attend and new incidents of... 

August 27, 2019 | Read more »

Who Will Teach The Children? Recruiting, Retaining and Refreshing Highly Effective Educators

Teachers and school administrators are leaving the field of education almost as quickly as Schools of Education are preparing them.... 

August 21, 2019 | Read more »