Kudos From Baton Rouge Louisiana

Franklin delivered two workshops in Baton Rouge, LA.  Here are some comments:

“Franklin is providing proven success that is powerful enough to impact the llives of students and educational systems in our state.”  Workforce Development Coordinator

“The program is motivational as it is informational.  More teachers and administrators in our district need to hear this message.”  Terry Gallagher, Counselor

“Franklin’s presentation is a presentation every educator should experience.”  Angela M. Gros, Graduation Coach

“Franklin’s presentation is entertaining, educational, and evocative.”  Molly Williams, Principal

“The program was very informative and provided needed material to develop a plan to decrease the dropout rate at my school.”  Shalika M. Scott, Assistant HS Principal

“The entire presentation was great.  Mr. Schargel is very knowledgeable and very passionate about his work.”  School Counselor

“Franklin’s presentation confirms what highly effective educators should be doing and shows his passion for children and teaching.”  School Counselor

“Tons of information was provided.”  Math Coach


Model Schools Conference Feedback

Franklin spoke before over 1350 people at the Model Schools Conference in Orlando, Florida.  Here are some of the comments:

“Franklin’s workshop was direct, informative and inspiring.  Finally, someone who tells it like it is.” D. Ekdahl, Hammond, IN

“Finally, a speaker that gave me ideas and tools to implement how to’s for success in my classroom for today’s learners.’ L Gautier, EC Teacher

“Fabulous, dynamic and so exciting. C. Overton, Social Worker

“Very engaging, Franklin gives you a lot to think about, and if we really think about what he says, we can honestly begin to deal with the graduation rate.”  J. Mayberry, Lead Teacher

“The program was very real-world and very informative.  You can leave knowing that you can use what you learn today you can use in your school tomorrow to make a difference.” K. Couch, CTEA Director

“Great fun, but more importantly very practical!” S. Langford, Teacher

“The useable ideas I can implement immediately will jump start our road to improvement.”   G. Starling, Assistant Principal

“Franklin hasn’t forgotten what the classroom looks like and feels like for kids and teachers.” K, Reilley, Instructional Special Ed. Coach

“I took more notes from this presentation and more ideas that I really want to remember and apply than in any other session.” J. Taylor, Principal

“Franklin is definitely not in a box – never has been, obviously. Doubt there are any type of barriers that would keep in his enthusiasm and compassion for his topic -saving lives.” T. Jochems, Montana

“Very realistic techniques that all of us can use.” J. Gleason, Counselor

“Most exciting, informative, active, energetic seminar I’ve attended in 2 years. I would highly recommend Franklin to any educator.”, A. McCain, School Board Member

“Franklin helps make me think it’s possible to do something about dropout prevention rather than just talk about it for the fifteenth time.” J. Oberlin, Teacher

“He has not lost touch with reality.  Has practical, doable suggestions.” G. Ineichen, Principal

Franklin’s program provides great insight into the causes of school dropouts and provides practical solutions.” L. Wagner, HS teacher

“Very practical and right on target for all educators and school systems.” G. Mealer, Education Career Partnership Coordinator

“Engaging presentation that presents specific, realistic ways for all schools to improve the success level of at-risk students and all students.”  G. Kirkton, Literacy Coach

“This was extremely informative and inspiring!” J. Ballard, Lead Teacher

“Lively and informative, often laced with humor, and very relevant to many schools.” P. Mitchell, Tech Coordinator

“Super presentation.  It energized me.” P. Kruger, HS Principal

“Franklin’s ideas apply to ALL students and ALL schools and districts.  His passion to improve schools is contagious! K. Jackson, Sp. Ed. Instructional Coach

“Franklin is ‘real’ about students and his message about dropout prevention is urgent!” L. McCullough, Curriculum Supervisor

“He is an excellent speaker giving great information and relates to real life experiences.” R. Flores, HS Teacher

“Enthusiastic and engaging presentation that encourages me to go back and look at improving our practices in the District.” B. McCormack, Program Manager

“Finally the dropout issue is narrowed down to the ideas needed to get to our preferred future.” D. Newell, Assistant Superintendent

“The session gave me great information to improve my school and push us into the direction we need to go.” J. Collier, HS Asst. Principal

“Franklin’s presentation demonstrates the integrated approach necessary to interrupt the dropout process many student are on.” R. Hearn, Curriculum Coordinator

“Program is fast-paced, requires involvement and offers solid information that can be utilized in classrooms.” S. Tyler, Sp. Ed. Teacher

“Very energetic and informative. Great information for improving our schools and children.” R. StClair, Teacher

“Franklin is obviously passionate and informed.” J. Gheen, Director

“An enlightened way to save the educational life and future of a child.” L. Freeman, Assistant Principal

“Fun, informative and most importantly  practical.” A. Orgeron, Teacher

“Straight forward and to the point.” T. Gay, RTI Specialist


Reaction from National Title One Conference

The Director of learning, Sandra Booth, for A+Events, the organizer of the National Title One Conference, sent me some comments from the National Title One Session Evaluations.  I am indebted to her.

Franklin Schargel is one of the most popular and highly valued presenters at the National Title On Conference.  With just the right combination of message and entertainment, he consistently connects with his audiences to inform and inspire.  All of the attendees who evaluated his 2010 National Title I Conference session would recommend Franklin Schargel to speak for another conference. The comments from the National Title One Conference session evaluations include:

  • Good information, great speaker.  Entertaining as well as informative.
  • The subject matter provided additional information related to a national concern.
  • Very knowledgeable and inspirational speaker.
  • Excellent information!
  • This is my 4th experience with Dr. Schargel and it’s new every time.
  • Schargel was excellent.  His presentation material is very useful and of course his humor added the extra bonus.

If you are interested in using Franklin Schargel’s knowledge and experience for your conference or school, contact him at


Comments from the National Title One National Directors Conference

Franklin had the honor of presenting a workshop to over 300 participants on the topic, What Do Successful Leaders of At-Risk Learners Do to Raise Academic Performance and Improve School Culture?

Here are some of the comments:

“Franklin’s blend of humor and evidenced-based strategies goes a long way in improving teacher learning.”  Tanya Tovar Rabatte, AP

“Very informative and applicable to educators everywhere.”  Juanette Capers, Middle School Teacher

“The presentation was both informative and entertaining, a rare combination.”  Kenny Moles, School Improvement Coordinator

“I enjoyed the active learning activities that were included every twenty minutes.  Powerful PowerPoint….Great information, Anita Schroeder, Principal, Park Elementary

“The powerful, upfront message on improving education kept me hooked and eager to hear more.”  Colleen Murphy

“Franklin gave me a toolkit for school improvement.”  Darlene Dingss -Adkins, Title I Director

“Franklin lays out the everyday problems but offers hope and realistic solutions.”  Dr. Anna Marie Tracy, Supervisor, NCLB

“Well worth my time!”  Suzette Miller, Slementary Principal

“Inspiring… Franklin’s idea to measure only positives was enlightening.”  Jennifer Jump, Reading Specialist

“Good practical information.  I plan to implement many of the strategies.” Elementary Principal

“Franklin’s no nonsense advice will inspire improvements in all school if his steps are embraced.”  Joan McDonnell

“Franklin’s message can be explained in 3 words:  motivational, inspiring and engaging.”  Reading specialist

“The seminar is motivating and creates a desire to return to school and improve the learning environment.”  Rebecca Darrough, Data Specialist

“Straight forward, useable information that seems to be a rare commodity by presenters.  Middle School AP

“Franklin is a dynamic speaker with real life examples – a true inspiration to creating a positive culture in schools.” Laurie Carlton, Title I Curriculum Specialist

“Franklin practiced what he preached.  He made us get up and move around.” Kathryn Nichol, Title I Project Manager

“Very uplifting as he speaks about what is needed to be done in schools and what is needed to improve student achievement.”  Jim Gross, Superintendent

“The information is relevant.  The best session I have attended.” H.S. A.P.

If you would like to have Franklin speak at your conference or school, contact him at 505/823-2339 or


Building Global Economies: From the Schoolhouse to the Workplace

I do not know if you are aware that I deliver business presentations in addition to delivering educational presentations.  While I was delivering 2 educational workshops in Fargo, North Dakota, I delivered a business presentation at the Microsoft Campus to 75 business leaders that was organized by the United Way of of Cass-Clay.  Judy Green, Executive Director of the United Way stated that she had never gotten as much as a commitment from the business community.  Here a number of their comments:

Excellent!  Thank you for including us.  Franklin – great!

Great presentation.

This event was phenomenal!  Information provided by Franklin was astounding and an

agent for improvement and realization.  I can use so much of what I learned today to impact and influence the individuals and groups I work with.  This issue is huge, important and vital locally and nation wide.  I look forward to more engaged discussions and actions on this topic.  Thank you for the opportunity to attend today!

Thank you for providing this opportunity to our community!

This was an informative session.  Thank you!

I will do whatever you need from me.

I am a school board member and familiar with all this data so I was looking for something

new we could do.  I forget that everyone doesn’t know the same information.

Good job!

What an enlightening presentation.  It has left me wondering what my role as an informal

educator is in addressing this issue.  What can I offer?  Where do my strengths lie, and how can I utilize them to your assistance?

Great supporting data to help me grow my statewide program for early entrepreneurship


Great job United Way!


Some of the statistics provided today were quite alarming.  I had not realized this is the

current state.  Dropout rates are high, and need to be lower.  Events like this today give

hope that one day those rates will be lower.  Thank you for the insight.

Great information.

Thanks for the great introduction to this process.

This info is good to share with everyone in our community.  This is a problem for all of us.

I am heading a new organization called the Great Plains STEM Education Center which will address a segment of the problem of active learning as opposed to passive dependent  learning.  I would be happy to get involved.  Thanks!

Excellent presentation.

I am currently on the ND Drop Out Prevention Team.

Very interesting.

We are already strong partners in this endeavor – let’s continue with focus and strength!

This is information everyone needs to know.  I think there are a lot of misconceptions and

prejudices regarding “at-risk” kids and I think discussions like this can teach individuals that  it is an important issue no matter what your position in the community.

I completely agree that education is a very important factor in improving the lives of

individuals and our communities.  Improvements are required to encourage our students to remain engaged and become life-long learners.

Having been a high school teacher in large, diverse and struggling school districts in Texas during the start of my career and currently at Microsoft, I often have thought “if I’d known then what I know now”.  I would love to be involved!

Great session!  Great presenter!  Great information!

Franklin is an inspiration to me!  Great presentation, great content.  I would love to listen to  him – longer!

If you are interested in having me address the business community in your area, contact me at 505/823-2339 or


Kudos from the Vision to Practice Fifth Annual Institute: Seven Million Minutes from Pre-Kindergarten to Graduation Conference in Richmond Virginia

I delivered three presentations in Richmond including a keynote entitled, “Building Global Economies from the School House to the Workplace.” Here are a few of the comments:

“I found the presentation to be very motivation. I am excited about sharing this information with my staff.” High School Principal

“Fantastic, Fantastic!!!” High School Assistant Principal

“ Insightful. Cuts through the road blocks to what educators can do.” Board of Education Member, City Councilor

“ Dynamic, great, relevant content” Malla Zapatero, Coordinator, Psychology Services Hampton VA City Schools

“Franklin is not only knowledgeable but enthusiastic and passionate and makes all the difference to us.” Kim Chandler, Director of School Counseling, Gloucester High School, Gloucester Virginia

“The information is useful for all school divisions in all states.” Mary Kolman, Director of Special Education an Pupil Personnel Services, Bath County Public Schools, Warm Springs Virginia

“Franklin’s presentation was delivered at a good pace with multiple activities meaningful to the points he was stressing. High School Assistant Principal

“This session was a wonderful refresher on those interventions need to decrease dropouts. Your humor and passion was evident!” Dr. Brenda M. Metteway, Director of Secondary Education, Petersburg City Public Schools

“The program really emphasizes the impact a teacher has on the lives of children for a long time! Very exciting, invigorating and informative!” Dr. Alvera J. Parrish, Assistant Superintendent for Instruction, Petersburg City Public Schools

If you would like Franklin to speak at your staff training or conference, contact him at


Feedback from the SREB Conference


I delivered two workshops at the Southern Regional Education Board’s Summer Conference in Atlanta. Here are several comments:

“Franklin’s program will make you shake out the cobwebs and think.” Robert Bohnstengel, Principal

“Relevant, appropriate, thought provoking.” Director of Student Achievement

“Franklin is direct, caring and challenges your assumptions about schools. His style allow for you to step back and be reflective.” Robert Anderson, Principal

“Excellent – you will hang on every word!” Department Chair

“Great encouragement for me and my staff to move forward with our improvement plan for our school.” Troy Parton, Superintendent, Paduch ISD

“Focused, high energy, and relevant.” Dave Dollenger, Asst. Principal, Elkton HS

“Fun and eye opening. I loved it, Amy Gogas, Counselor

Franklin is a plethora of informative facts and humor. A breath of fresh fun; an example of how learning can be relevant, current and in tune with today’s youth! WOW!” Linda Rodriguez, Counselor

“Franklin is energetic and enthusiastic speaking with important messages. He offers practical suggestions based on researched.”
Dr. Linda Warren, Lead Teacher for Administration

“The presentation was enlightening and refreshing for a veteran teacher that is examining ways to implement different strategies for non-traditional students. Franklin was fantastic. I learned. Wow, a teacher learned. Thanks.
Tremetrice Wheeler, Department Chair

“Should have been the keynote speaker.” Denise Ward, Asst. Superintendent


Savannah Youth At-Risk Conference

I recently presented two sessions at the Savannah Youth At-risk Conference. Here are selected comments.

“Informative and interesting – it’s obvious the background or Mr. Schargel is filled with a love of students and commitment to their excellence.” Jill Mitchell-Berg, Site program Coordinator

“A message of hope and possibility of recreating education to become what it was intended to be – for all children.” Jo Nell Beckum, Counselor

“Inspiring. The program inspires a sense of hope and true possibilities for our youth.”

“Because of Franklin, I have hope that I can improve my teaching!! Thank you for opening my eyes to new ideas about the way I view ‘change”.”

“The PowerPoint’s were excellent. Franklin is extremely knowledgeable and through of what is needed for total school process transformation.”

“Full of ideas for improving ways to encourage and teach students and encourage stakeholders in students’ education.”

“The program is a valuable tool for all who work with children and their families.”

“This session made me think about different improvements to better my teaching skills.” Mary Rutherford, WIA Counselor

“I loved the variety of media presentation and the pacing. The program was practical, informative and reflective.”

“Energetic and informative presentation. I could spend an entire day picking his brain and learning from him.” Dori Yacono, Youth Specialist


Kudos from The National Title 1 Directors Meeting in San Antonio

I presented a session at the National Title 1 Directors Conference to over 400 attendees. Here is a selection of their comments:

“Franklin is an engaging speaker with tons of practical ideas for easy implementation!” Jenni Brasington, Director Arizona State PIRC

“Gave an old teacher new hope.” J.W. Dorset, Title 1 Committee Member

“Franklin’s presentation was engaging, humorous and pertinent. There were many ‘ah-ha’ moments.” Title 1 Coordinator

“Realistic, engaging, eye opening.” Jill Miller, Graduation Coach

“Franklin is an engaging speaker with facts and data, and practical stories on how to address the data.” D’Lisa Crain, PIRC Grant Administrator

“Powerful! Very eye opening but inspiring and hopeful.” Title1 Department Chair

“All the piece of the dropout puzzle were addressed… and with practical approaches. Thank you. Janet Hegedus, Title 1 Department Chair

“Franklin’s presentation is an educational practioners ‘toolbox’ for developing a school where students will succeed. Nice humor made it interesting! Good websites to get more information” Kelly Noble, Principal

“Inspiring, student-centered, and passionate. I feel I can help kids achieve more, stay in school, gain confidence. Lynnni Nordhiem, 5th grade Teacher

“Franklin Schargel captured my interest with the topic and held my interest with practical strategies that he testified to with humor and dynamic personality.” Mary Beth Hililnski, School Support

Mr. Schargel is a great presenter, he is in the right track of the problems we face in schools.” Anna M. Ruiz-Brown, Teacher

“Franklin knows his subject. He is the real deal – not just someone who has done research and regurgitate the information – He has experienced it – he’s been there!!” Denise Jordan, Title I Curriculum Coordinator


Kudo’s From the Youth At-Promise Conference

John Bell and I presented two workshops in Sand Diego at the 4th Annual Reaching “At-Promise” Students National Conference. The presentation was entitled , From At-Risk to Academic Excellence: What Successful Leaders Do. The presentation was based on our two books, From At-Risk to Academic Excellence: What Successful Leaders Do and Creating School Cultures: What Successful Leaders Do written with Dr. Tony Thacker. Below are some of the comments of the attendees:
What did you like most about this session and why?
• Solid info with proven info.
• Activities & presentation.
• Speaker’s enthusiasm, conviction; materials and activities were engaging.
• New strategies learned.
• The exercise about collecting data & the visual of student learning data.
• Nice to have two perspectives.
• Practical tips – real.
• Interactive; informative; great delivery; there are take-aways/action.
• The speakers were engaging.
• Key points to become a successful leader. 14 points school leaders should know about improving school culture.
• Information was practical & useful. This was the first session in which I can actually apply the information presented. Whose perception counts & what to do with it or about it.
• The data and sharing at what works.
• Reality, data from actual schools.
• Real information we can use.
• Experiences/factual/significant.
• Material was practical – suggestions/applications given.
• Energy of presenters, engagement of audience & tools/strategies presented. “The take aways!”
• All!
• Practical/applicable/concise.
• Great ideas that can be implemented. Stories & opinions, variety of activities.
• The honesty! Reality check for me.
• I like having/getting ideas I can take home!
• I appreciated having a variety of activities to participate in. It beats having to just sit down and listen to a 2 hair lecture.
• Cool power point graphics.
• I really enjoyed the entire session.
• Good speaking skills of presenters.
• Outstanding & engaging speakers! They would make a great keynote.
• Very ground breaking, empowering session. Thank you!
• Great workshop!
• Thank you. Awesome team ?
• Bring John Bell & Franklin Schargel back for future conferences!


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